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ABG International Inc offers invoice factoring and purchase order funding that are excellent ways for a business to generate working capital. If your business is suffering from cash flow problems, you can utilize these to pay your debt and current bills, operate smoothly, or grow your business.

Our Invoice Factoring Services

Cash flow problems are common for almost every business. You may face circumstances when you need to pay your employees, suppliers, office rent, etc. immediately but don’t have the necessary funds. At times, it could be difficult to wait for 60-90 days to get paid by your clients. When your business needs an instant infusion of money, our invoice factoring services can help.

Unlike a bank loan that has stringent qualification requirements and a lengthy processing period, our invoice factoring services have a user-friendly and fast process with simple qualification requirements and competitive rates.

By using our invoice factoring, you can convert your open invoices from slow-paying but creditworthy customers into working capital instantly. Our two-step process is simple where we’ll use two installments to finance your invoices. As soon as you submit the invoice and it’s verified, you’ll receive a deposit for the advance or first installment (varying from 60% to 80%) to your bank account. The rebate or the second installment (for the rest 30% to 20%) will get deposited into your account after the invoice is paid in full by your client. Thus, with our invoice factoring services, your business cash flow will improve.


Our Purchase Order Financing Services

If your business has landed that dream purchase order but you can’t fulfill it due to lack of funds, our purchase order (PO) financing is just what you need. Unlike time-consuming traditional bank financing, our purchase order financing can be set up fast – typically in a week or two. It’s easier to qualify for than bank financing, can be used even by new companies/start-ups, and has no ceiling.

After you have set your purchase order financing account with ABG International Inc, we’ll facilitate the funds for the supplier directly on your behalf against a confirmed purchase order. We’ll also help you with the financing of the transaction up until the moment an invoice is raised. After your supplier gives you the agreed material and you use it to deliver the finished/agreed product to the client, your client will pay for them (against an invoice raised) and the transaction will get settled.

Purchase order financing is typically used together with invoice factoring to decrease your total transaction cost. To apply for these or to get more information about how we can help, reach us today!

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