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Understanding Leasehold Improvements

ABG International Inc offers financing for leasehold improvements that can help in your business expansion or startup plans. All renovations, alterations, and repairs made by the lessee to the leased facility that boosts the property’s value, extends its life or makes it more useful are covered under leasehold improvements.

Thus, you can say such improvements are designed to meet the preferences and operational needs of the lessee. When the lease expires, these improvements will revert to the lessor. It’s important to note what’s covered and what’s not under leasehold improvements. For instance, roof construction or elevator upgrades (that benefit the property’s other tenants too), or office furniture and moveable equipment not attached to the leased property aren’t considered a leasehold improvement.

Sometimes, your business may need to improve the leased space, say by floor plan changes, enhanced design features, or through some modifications or add-ons to the existing structure. However, due to a fund crunch or the lengthy process of getting loans via traditional institutions, you could fail to carry out these leasehold improvements. But now, you have got hope. With our leasehold improvement financing, you can enjoy an easier, faster, and efficient solution to ensure your business startup or growth plans don’t get stalled just because you don’t have the required funds.

Our leasehold improvement financing solutions are available for the following:

Interior and/or exterior renovation to make the leased space ready for your business     move-in
Changes to the flooring or the floor plan
Installation of customized light fixtures, shelves, partitions, etc.
Changes to the ceiling(s)
Installation of modern technology systems

If you need to customize your office space through leasehold improvement,get in touch with ABG International Inc. Our agents will answer all your questions, offer advice, and even help you choose the best financing option for your leasehold improvement requirements.

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